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College of Design

Research + Work

The research agenda of the Center for World Heritage Studies (CWHS) is focused on five areas of study:

  • Global Heritage & World Heritage Sites
  • Modern & Industrial Heritage
  • Heritage Interpretation, Tourism & Management
  • Heritage Conservation as a Sustainable Practice
  • Mobile & Intangible Heritage
  • To date, CWHS has consulted on the preparation of World Heritage Site nominations for the Batanes Archipelago, Philippines, and Cranbrook Academy, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; led an inventory of the historic walled center of Baku, Azerbaijan—a World Heritage Site in Danger; consulted on the development of a proposed archaeological park, in concert with a World Heritage Site nomination for Xi’an, China; and hosted lectures and workshops by leaders in international preservation, such as Ron van Oers and Mechtild Rossler from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Daniel Escotto, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and Dinu Bumbaru, General Secretary of ICOMOS.